The tide interrupts loan rebound, leaving 10,000 people stranded on its waiting list


What are customers saying about Tide?

Many Tide customers have spoken out against the company’s decision to stop lending bounce loans, with some reaching out to express their disappointment.

A money saver, Simon, said: “After waiting weeks and weeks for Tide to grant my business a bounce loan, I received an email today stating that Tide will no longer be providing loans. My business has been overwhelmingly affected by the pandemic and I was pinning my hopes on a rebound loan to get us out of it. “

Another, Lee, said: “I was waiting for a rebound loan from Tide to support the closure of my training and consulting business due to the coronavirus. I have now been informed that Tide is on hold due to lack of funds. , hoping that the government can provide direct funding to support the program in the future.

“This is going to devastate my business and I will be forced to shut down as I have had to cover all the bills during this entire foreclosure period and I cannot survive financially. I feel so badly disappointed with Tide.”

A third MoneySaver, Danielle, told us, “I applied for a bounce loan from Tide. I opened a new business account with them and it’s now up and running. I got an email yesterday informing me that Tide has ceased to offer bounce loans, but I ‘tried unsuccessfully to register with other banks. “

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