Here’s how to check the status of your HELB loan


The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) was established in July 1995 by an Act of Parliament, Higher Education Loans Board Act Cap 213A, as a statutory body under the Department of Education to provide affordable loans and scholarships to needy students who continue their studies in various institutions of higher learning.

The HELB loan application is usually done online by registering on its student portal and filling in the required information, including submitting the copies of the national identity cards of the parents and guarantors and describing the reasons for your request.

Disbursement of loans takes place before the start of a new academic year, and this process is done on merit after careful review of your application forms by HELB officials. How can you check HELB loan status? and find out if you qualify for a loan? Here is a simple guide on how to apply for HELB loan and check your HELB loan status after applying for HELB loan.

How to register for HELB mobile services

In March 2021, HELB, through a press release, announced its partnership with Safaricom PLC, which led to the launch of the HELB USSD mobile service which allowed its users to access HELB services via their mobile phone without having to access their online portal.

With the HELB USSD mobile service, one can access their HEL account, view loan allocations, check balances and make payments. How can you register for HELB mobile loan services?

1. Dial *642# on your phone
2. Choose option 1 ‘Register’
3. You will be directed to the registration page. Fill in your details such as first and last name, date of birth and identification number
4. Confirm details and send
5. Enter your desired and unique four-digit PIN
6. Confirm the registration to receive an SMS from HELB indicating a successful process.

How to check the disbursement status of your HELB loan online

To check the disbursement status of the HELB loan, you must have registered on HELB and successfully applied for a loan, and you are waiting for the HELB loan allocations. Here are some simple steps to check your HELB loan status online:

how to check helb loan balance by sms

1. Visit
2. Log in to your student portal by entering your email and password
3. Click on the ‘Loan status’ icon
5. Select the ‘Disbursement Status’ tab
6. You can now check the disbursement status of your HELB loan, the date and the loan granted

How to check your HELB loan balance by SMS

Checking your HELB loan balance is now made easier with the deployment of an SMS service that allows HELB recipients to view their balance for repayment purposes or simply know it directly via their mobile phone.

To use the HELB SMS service to check balances, you must first register by sending the word REGISTER # followed by your identification number (eg REGISTER # 12345678) to 5122, and your details will be integrated into the database of HELB data.

After registration, follow these key steps to receive your HELB loan balance by SMS.

1. Go to your SMS app and enter “compose new message”
2. Enter the recipient’s number in 5122 format
3. In the text box, type a new word – your name – without spaces, for example JANEDOE
4. Type the pound sign (#) immediately after your name, for example JANEDOE#
5. Enter your ID number after the pound sign, for example JANEDOE#12345678
6. Send

You will receive your HELB loan balance in your SMS inbox.

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