2021 Japan Housing Loan Trend Survey Highlights

The Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF) announced on February 18 the results of its “Housing Loan Trend Survey” for the calendar year 2021.

In August and September 2021, a questionnaire was sent to 301 financial institutions that deal with home loans, asking them about their attitude towards the future of home loans.

The number of responding institutions was 272, and respondents were asked to indicate their status at the end of June 2021.

When it comes to their stance on new home loans, 69.9% of respondents describe themselves as “lending aggressive” (down 1.4 points from the previous survey), while 30, 1% “maintaining the status quo in lending” (up 1.4 points from the previous survey). previous survey).

Regarding their attitude towards refinancing, 55.1% describe themselves as “aggressive in granting credit”, down 7.4 points since the last survey. 43.8% say they are “maintaining the credit status quo” (up 3.3 points since the last survey) and 1.1% have a “negative attitude towards credit”, up 0.1 point since the last survey.

In terms of the type of mortgage interest expected to increase in the future, “variable” (69.3%) was selected the most. Next come “10-year fixed-term contracts” (47.0%) and “full-term fixed-term contracts” (24.4%).

Regarding environmentally friendly housing loans, 24.5% of respondents answered that they do business with such loans, 3.3% were considering making such loans and 72.1% did not. were not doing.

Institutions that offer preferential loans on environmentally friendly properties are expected to increase as time progresses towards Japan’s 2050 goal of being a fully carbon-neutral society.

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